1. What to think is really what people imposes the way they want you to think. The way you parents, teachers, or anyone think, they try to put their own thoughts and ways of thinking in your mind. 
    Actually, “what to think” are not your own thoughts.

    But, how to think are your own thoughts, because you search or investigate to solve your doubt, and you create you own opinions.
    No one has to approve or disapprove your own thinking and opinion about a specific topic.

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    Don’t you ever wonder..

    Why can’t we live forever? 

    Why we are so obsessed with money, but not with love each other?

    Why people of the same universe fight between them?

    Why are there laws if no one obeys?

    Why do we have a religion?

    Why do people always settle their differences with deaths?

    Why when one is underage adults can impose us things and we should just accept and no ask, but when one is adult not?

    Why can’t we fly?

    Why do people hurt animals with no reason?


speak without offending

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